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Revolutionary Wash Basins and Sanitary Products Designed by Claya Bathware Australia

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About us

Founded in Sydney, CLAYA Bathware is home to a wide range of bathroom fittings. Through our modern, luxurious style we provide value and heart within every product we manufacture.

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Our products

We combine science, technology, aesthetics, and ergonomics into each of our designs to achieve a product we’re proud to showcase in Australia.


Our team

The CLAYA team combines fresh, new experts with established creative minds who have perfected their craft over decades of industry experience. Our mission is to discover new and emerging bathroom concepts as we aim to be at the forefront of every industry innovation.

Lifetime of Luxury

Our scratch-resistant technology ensures your washbasin holds its integrity and never compromises on luxury. 
Our cool white products resist staining to provide long-lasting style. An important element in a sink you use every day.
Rest assured knowing your basin is prepared for whatever your lifestyle may throw at it.

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Jane Evans

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Alexandar Junior

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Mary Warren

Minimalist Design

Our palette appeals to a wide range of clients, across Australia. CLAYA’s design team have studied shades and patterns across the world, throughout history and into present trends to meet the standards of superior craftsmanship our followers have come to expect.

Through simplistic strength of design, our sinks showcase our versatility and can be installed as a complimenting piece in every bathroom. 

It’s through our smooth finishing glaze that our above-counter basins draw the eye. Our pieces stand out through subtlety and a seamless, perfect mould.

Environmental Impact

Our Research and Development, and production departments are constantly on the lookout for luxurious elements of style and aesthetics. It is through design that we incorporate durable textures and materials, limiting environmental impact and ensuring our products only affect your surroundings in a positive way.

Discuss CLAYA’s innovation and revolutionary development process with our team.

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