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Achieving Excellence Through Basin Design and Development in Sydney

As a newly emerging name in the market of high-end bathroom fittings, CLAYA is a large-scale company offering innovation with every result. It is through our passion for research, design, and development that our team is able to combine quality materials and finishes. 

Our sinks were designed to fill a gap in the market where advanced technology, design aesthetics, practical science, psychology, ergonomics, and environmental conservation come together in an exciting and innovative foray into washbasins.

The CLAYA team combines new talents with established creative minds who have perfected their craft over decades for results that last a lifetime. We commit to the Research and Development, production, sales, and servicing of sanitation products.

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Achieving Excellence Through Basin Designand and by CLAYA BATHWARE

Our vitality and passion for our craft allow us to deliver results suitable for fast-paced, urban environments that are ultimately durable enough to handle any condition.

It is our commitment to the continuous improvement of industry designs that allows us to foreshadow innovations within the Australian market. It is only due to the hard work of each member of the CLAYA team that we are able to combine and showcase these talents through our washbasins. 

Our eye for detail ensures no sink leaves our premises without stringent quality testing and our guarantee that the product delivered is one we believe represents our greatest potential.